TakeDown Version 0.5

TakeDown is a 2D game of action and strategy, taking elements from traditional arcade style games and modern, story driven strategy games. You take on the role of a 'Peacekeeper', the most elite soldier the world has ever seen. You are the first and final fighting force to protect the fabric of society from those that seek to destroy it.

Please read the installation instructions before attempting to run TakeDown.


Manual Installation

The .zip file that TakeDown is distributed should put the resource files in the correct subdirectories. The file must be extracted with paths enabled. However, these files must be manually moved to the correct destinations:

If you are using Windows XP or experience problems with sound in TakeDown, you will also need to install the following file:

If you already have a newer version of any of these files, do not overwrite your newer version.

All the files you have to move will be automatically placed in a subdirectory called Temp so that you can find them easily. The other files should be in the following directories:

TakeDown requires a Visual Basic runtime file called 'msvbvm60.dll'. You probably have the file already. If you don't, TakeDown will tell you when you try to run it. The file belongs in your Windows System32 or System directory and can be found all over the internet - try these sites: 1, 2.



Double-click the file TakeDown.exe. This will bring you to the main menu with the following options:

New Game - Begin a new game of TakeDown at the start of any episode.

Continue - Continue the game that you are currently playing or have just loaded.

Load/Save - Save your current game so that you can continue it later OR load a game you have previously saved.

Help - Gameplay and control instructions .

Options - Not currently implemented

Exit Game - Exits the game.



For game play and control instructions, click the Help button in the main menu.

When you are killed or you choose to exit during a mission, you will return to the main menu. Clicking Continue will return you to the last level that you were playing.

You can only continue a game from the start of a level. When you load a saved game, you will return to the start of the level that the game was saved on.



If you experience problems running TakeDown, try the following steps:


Version History


Version 0.5


Version 0.4


Version 0.3


Version 0.2



Everything I made is mine. You can copy and distribute it, learn from it, charge people money for it, even hate it if you want to. You can do whatever you want, except say you made it. You didn't. It's mine.