Matthew Gatland

Making Tide

June 03, 2013

Tide is my second game prototype.

I choose the style and concept in the first few hours:

Problem 1: It wasn’t fun. Your actions didn’t matter until the whole screen was almost flooded, so you spent the start of the game just waiting around.

Working on a game that isn’t fun isn’t fun. I was stressed!

The fix was to change the goal. Instead of staying alive, the goal became to grab as many mines as possible.

This made it exciting. You’re constantly deciding which mine to go for next, and trying to get there as quickly as possible.

Problem 2: I wasn’t sure how to add level progression.

This had a really obvious solution, I just didn’t see it until Joshua pointed it out: start with one mine, and make each level have one more than the last. That was perfect.

With that, the gameplay was finished. I added animations, sound, music, and polish.

Things that went well

Things to change