Matthew Gatland

Easy analytics

September 24, 2013

Tide was mentioned on The link brought a few hundred visitors, which is more than I’ve ever had before.

Visits increase from about zero per day to nearly 300 on September 19.

I wanted to see what these players were doing in the game, so I added some event tracking code. I recorded:

The results

Screenshot of data discussed below

The Unique Events column only counts one event of each type from each device. Someone who starts the game many times will only be counted once in that column.

The last result surprised me. I thought everyone would keep playing until they lost at least once.

The next image shows how many times each level was played.

Level 2 was reached 738 times. The numbers drop off for higher levels. Level 16 and 17 were only reached once.

(Ignore the percentages on this chart and the next one, they are not meaningful.)

The next image shows how many players restarted after losing.

There were 203 restarts after losing once, 83 after losing twice, 33 after losing 3 times. The numbers decrease rapidly.

This event is recorded if a player restarts after losing a game. The number on the left is the number of times they have already played.

What’s next?

I thought Tide was a hard, arcade style game that people would replay to try to improve their high score.

That is not happening. Most people only play once.

If players only want to play once, maybe I should make Tide progress more like a modern-style game:

On the other hand, I could encourage replays by making Tide a better arcade-style game: