Matthew Gatland


January 31, 2016

By Sergio Cornaga, Matthew Gatland and Ellie Hayward. Based on flickgame by Stephen Lavelle.


Perform the ritual or contemplate the canon

Faithgame is a game-making ritual. By following strict constraints, our games become closer to perfection – as do we.

We started by taking the source code from the brilliant but unorthodox game making tool flickgame. We purified the tool, for example by correcting its irregular aspect ratio to a perfect square.

We soon divined that a perfect game has 10 pages, is created in silence, and is published in secret. We continued to modify the tool to help users perform the game-making ritual canonically.

Faithgame was exhibited at tinypalace, an alternative games festival in Kassel, Germany.

Faithgame at tinypalace

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