Matthew Gatland

Flappy World (June)

June 30, 2019

A short game where you must collect ten magic rings.

I had to make this in a hurry and ended up borrowing a lot of code and art from last month’s game.

This is slightly multiplayer. If someone else is playing at the same time as you, you will see them, but you are still each on your own individual quest for 10 rings.*

This is the third game released with the support of my anti-patrons.

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2024-01-05 update: I’ve removed the slightly multiplayer aspect of this because it wasn’t very important, and was getting a bit time consuming to find free hosting for the game’s server. I originally used Heroku’s free server hosting but it stopped being free 3 years later. After that I moved to Replit’s free hosting, and that stayed free for only 7 months. I don’t like the way this trend is going!