Matthew Gatland


May 25, 2017

The fourth game from my one-game-a-day project.

Play Glitchrace or scroll down to learn more.

Glitchrace screenshot

Inspired by Michael Brough’s Glitch Tank.

I copied Glitch Tank’s grid and deck of random actions you can choose from. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get the strategic depth of sheer chaos of the original game. In my Glitchrace, it’s always clear which card is the best to play and it’s simply a matter of playing the best cards when they come up in your random draw. I wasn’t able to create a situation where you had to really think about which card to play.

Even though the game is bad, I was enjoying making one-day-games and pushing myself to try out genres I wasn’t used to. I would love to spend more time trying to learn how to make a game with hard strategic choices.

My tweets from the release:

My 4th one-day game for #100DaysNZ: I was doing a week without violent games but I accidentally you can explode ppl

Any ideas for making it more strategic and less random? Maybe a card that moves the cones…

sneaky update today now says ‘winner’ if you win, + is slightly more strategic + less random?

See the discussion on twitter.

I asked for help in another thread:

um, how do turn-based games work? The player makes a choice, one option must be better, but it can’t be obvious, and it can’t be unknowable…

in my 1-day games I’m falling into

 1. there is an obvious winning strategy that always works

or 2. your choices don’t affect whether you win

i guess I want:

 3. different moves are good or not based on game state, and it takes some skill to map game state to the right move?

Lots of good advice from Carl de Visser in that twitter thread.