Matthew Gatland

Room Tour 2003

October 14, 2003

Explore my 2003 bedroom via linked photographs.

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See also: my 2011 room tour

notes from the future

Publishing this again in 2019, I feel compelled to write a few notes.

I was surprised by how barebones this tour is compared to the 2011 one. I guess it was just harder to make stuff at the time. I would have been a slower coder. Perhaps I coded the image-maps by hand, making it quite time consuming to add each clickable region.

Or perhaps it feels weird to me because my personality and writing style have changed. Anyway, playing the tour today, I wish it included a few more details.

I’d love a close up of the newspapers on the wall - the big one is an article about a school show I was in. I don’t remember what the small clipping is.

The white plastic bin under the seal has a special significance. I used it as the board for a board game I designed and played with my star wars toys. (I called it Star Wars Chess.) I guess 2003-me saw that bin every day and so it didn’t have the same significance. Seeing that photo today, it brings back strong memories of playing Star Wars Chess, trying to get the action figures to stand up, writing the rules on a sheet of refill, arguing over how powerful a light saber should be and whether holding two gives you twice as many attacks.

You can see a boxed copy of Daggerfall but there’s no commentary except that it “belongs somewhere else”. Daggerfall was the first game I ever bought and owned for myself - I think my mum paid for it but I researched it, decided I wanted it, convinced her to take me to the computer game store and pay $130 for it. It’s an important artefact.

The red fencing bag is one I borrowed from my brother for a few years when I took up fencing. The bag reappeared in my life over 10 years later when a fencer moved into my flat. My brother had given him the bag at some point, so one day I arrived home to see the same bag sitting in my hallway.

I used that computer desk in many different houses until it was destroyed in 2018. The chair survives and sits at the dining table in my current flat.