Matthew Gatland


June 18, 2017

The eighteenth game from my one-game-a-day project.

Play Trader or scroll down to learn more.

Trader screenshot

So… I think this one is fun! No-one reacted when I released it so I wonder if it doesn’t come across as clearly as some of the earlier games. Maybe my audience was just burnt out by this point in the game-a-day project.

You buy and sell shares and try to make a profit.

The market is a little unbalanced; there’s a trick you can use to guarantee profits and kind of break the game. If I had another day of development I would fix that. But apart from that, this is a compelling concept. Buy low, sell high, and jump from company to company as you chase profit.

There’s a lot of room to expand this.

This game had 1 hour and 56 minutes of development time.

My tweet from the release:

it’s a game based on my favourite hobby #onegameaday #almost

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