Matthew Gatland

Minecraft Story

June 03, 2013

Public Minecraft servers have the same raw energy that you used to find on a BBS. Crowds of people connecting to games, wandering around, asking how things work. Notes from the sysadmin everywhere, telling you how to move around, connect to a game, or buy premium items.

It’s busy and chaotic. Everything’s bespoke, unique, hacked together, and only the regulars know all the rules.

This isn’t “the internet”, this is somebody’s place – like a local pub. Some person made this.

I join a scenario which was inspired by the Hunger Games. Everyone starts off together, near several chests full of useful items. You have one minute of invulnerability to get away, and then it’s a fight to the death.

Before the match starts, I walk past someone dressed as the Master Chief.

someone: mg team?
someone: mgatland
mgatland: ok
someone: im going to call you mg
mgatland: ok

The round starts. People are running everywhere. I’m pretty awks at Minecraft, trip over in the water, check the chests but they were already looted seconds ago.

I spot my buddy the Master Chief, and we run away as fast as we can.

We go around the back of a cliff, out of sight of the crowd.

He turns around and kills me.


I’m pleased.

I want to make a game like this.