Matthew Gatland

Three things

July 05, 2013

Things happening in my life:

Game Number Four

My fourth one-week game was a collaboration with Jonathan, who was taking a break from his work on Path of Exile.

The game’s not quite ready to release, but here is a screenshot:

Game number 4

Coming soon!

End of Deadline Club.

The Deadline Club was a weekly meeting where people worked on personal projects. I ran the club with Alice Gatland (my sister), and sometimes Helen Durrant and Amie Holman.

We decided to shut down the club, and focus our time and attention on to other projects.

It was the first time I’ve organised a regular event, and I learned a lot. We had 20 meetings in total. I’m a little sad to see it end, but definitely ready to move on to something new.

Winter of Code

In the BizDojo Co.Space (the same venue we used for the Deadline Club) there’s a new table set up with six computers. Here, Stephen McIntyre is leading a team of programmers and artists to make a game.

The project happens during the break between semesters at the Media Design School, so that the MDS students are on holiday and can participate.

I love the idea. I stopped in to see how they were going, and everyone on the team seemed excited and motivated.

I would like to run something similar for myself some day – maybe targeting students from the University of Auckland instead.