Matthew Gatland

WDCNZ and other conferences

August 04, 2013

The first thing I did in Wellington was head to the Central Library hoping for a good spot to work. Unfortunately, the building was closed due to earthquake damage from the day before.

I tweeted about it, and the closed library tweeted me back, recommending the National Library instead. It was a good tip – the National Library has a free co-working space called which was a great spot for this travelling worker.

I was in Wellington for WDCNZ, a web developer’s conference. I was worried that it wouldn’t be interesting for me, because I’m not a web developer – but it turned out to be totally relevant (and I’ve decided I am totally a web developer).

It was good meeting a few locals, as well as seeing lots of familiar faces from Auckland. Two different people (Charlotte and Tanya) asked about the Pop-Up Indie Games Arcade and whether we could run one at their events. Yes we can :)