Matthew Gatland

More on e-waste

May 03, 2017

I’m sorry I’m writing about e-waste again. Throwing out my old computer stuff has been surprisingly emotional. Especially this:

Photo of an Antec Lanboy computer case and Matthew sitting in the back seat of a car

Me and my Lanboy

I bought this case after I moved to Auckland. I wanted a gaming computer, and gaming laptops were much too expensive, so it had to be a desktop. But I also knew I would be moving it around a lot – back to my parents’ house in all my university breaks. I researched the best affordable lightweight PC case there was, and this was it:

Photo of an Antec Lanboy computer case

The mighty Antec Lanboy

They didn’t make them any more, but I found one second-hand on TradeMe. I picked it up from a fellow nerd and carried it home on foot and bus with its cute carry-handle.

Since then, me and my Lanboy had heaps of travel adventures. As well as holidays at my parents’ house, I moved flat at least once a year for many years.

By the time I built my next computer, life had settled down – and I had a laptop to take on shorter trips. I bought a heavier, more spacious case and Lanboy retired to the corner of my bedroom.

Today I took him to the e-waste place. I feel a little guilty. I could have continued the legacy by handing him on to a new young nerd. I doubt the e-waste people will appreciate his value, except as scrap aluminium.

But he wasn’t having much fun gathering dust in my room. I’m sure this is all for the best.

Antec Lanboy computer case atop a tower of e-waste

Off to the endless lan party in the sky.