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November 30, 2020

I took 4 days off work, which is the most time I’ve taken off work since work began. I am bad at this:

On the latest Crate and Crowbar podcast, the hosts discussed how Destiny 2 removed a whole lot of content from the game. Maybe half of the game. Wow. I think it’s great. Similar vibes to the Fortnite reset where they threw the map into a black hole and started again. Why not?

I have to return a product and I am super stressed about it. I need to print a return form and tape it to the box, then take the box to a post center. It’s the kind of task that I would comfortably do in a lunch break in my old life. Things feel more difficult now.

I started reading a good She-Ra fanfic. It has the characters talking out all their feelings that were unresolved when the show ended. It’s very cathartic.

I don’t read much fanfic but maybe I should; I would enjoy similar epilogues for other stories too. I remember getting to the end of Harry Potter and being outraged that the story leapt forward in time as soon as the battle was over. I wanted to see Harry and Ginny catch up after their year apart! Instead I got to see them as boring adults, putting their kids on a train.

When I read the ending of Harry Potter, I was just a few years older than the protagonists. Leaving high school and saying goodbye to everyone was a significant, recent memory for me. University was my whole world. It seemed unbelievable that J K Rowling would skip over everything that mattered to me show banal parenting.

I used to publish journal posts like this every day. One day I realised they were a liability and I took them all offline.

As a special end-of-2020 celebration, I’m doing it again - just once a week this time. See you next week!