Matthew Gatland

Fate dice

November 08, 2015

Fate is a tabletop Roleplaying game (like Dungeons and Dragons) with more emphasis on storytelling and less on simulation.

It uses special D6 dice that have two pluses, two minuses, and two blank faces.

Official Fate dice in a pack of 12

You can buy these online, but if you’re in a hurry (or on a budget) you can draw over some normal dice instead.

The recommended technique is called Connect the Dots, where you connect the dots on a standard dice to form pluses, minuses and zeros.

DIY Fate die

However, this results in diagonal pluses and minuses that I think are too confusing. (The plus looks like a cross, instead of a plus.) I much prefer to colour in the whole dice except the symbols, using this pattern:

DIY Fate die

For first time players, it’s important that the system is easy to understand – any confusion may discourage them. This die isn’t pretty, but it is understandable.

Update (2015-12-07)

My friend 3d-printed some dice for me. After he gave them a polish, they look really good.

3D-printed Fate dice

This is a cost-effective option if you have access to a 3d printer. Check your local library!

We used a 3d model from thingiverse, but didn’t realise until afterwards that one of the symbols is off-center. (Can you spot it in the photo?)

To save anyone else from slightly lopsided dice, I made a new fate die 3d model that I think is flawless. Please let me know if you print some for yourself!

my perfect 3d model